Last week president Edgar Lungu admitted that the distribution of farming inputs for this farming season is chaotic. But instead of blaming the culprits, he is pointing his dirty fingers at innocent civil servants.
This being the end of the year, it is virtually too late to distribute farming inputs as the planting season is over.
Lungu accused civil servants of sabotage and incompetence in the way they are handling the distribution of farming inputs.
But this is a stupid accusation from Lungu. Lungu knows that the people behind the chaos are his friends and business partners, Mr Gulam Patel, Bokani Soko and his partners. Civil servants do not distribute fertilizer.

The contract to supply fertilizer to farmers for this season has been given to two companies owned by Lungu’s friends. I know this because I work at the ministry. The first company that was awarded the biggest contract is Nyiombo investments owned by Mr Gulam Patel. Gulam’s Nyiombo has been contracted to supply fertilizer in six provinces: Copperbelt, Northwestern, Western, Central, Luapula and Southern Provinces for more than US$100 million.
Eastern, Lusaka, Muchinga and Northern Provinces were awarded to Neria Investment owned by Irfan Patel, Bokoni Soko and other crooks for a total of US$42 Million.
So which civil servants is Lungu accusing of incompetence?
Lungu knows very well that his partner Gulam Patel has been messing up the fertilizer distribution from the time the farmer input support programme was created in 2004.
He distributes the fertilizer late and in some years distributes rotten fertilizer. He lies that he buys the fertilizer from the European Union when he orders it from Tanzania and Asia where it’s made from low grade raw materials.
Yet year after year government grants him the contract due to corruption.
Disappointed civil servant

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