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State House now Buying off some Journalists.

Edgar Lungu’s mouthpiece Amos Chanda has summoned all journalists working for international media for a ‘meeting’ this evening. Lungu and his handlers are shocked at the negative international publicity the persecution of opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has attracted. As such, Chanda wants to bribe international media journalists working in Zambia so that they can stop […]

Lungu’s top aides go on a rampage.

If what has been going on with Lungu’s advisors the past few weeks is anything to go by, then there’s serious internal chaos obtaining at State House. There seems to be indicators that either the PF President has given his senior handlers carte blanch authority to behave like pregnant mules, or they have gone on […]

2016 General election results were manipulated. Akufuna opens up! 

Former Electoral Commission of Zambia Public Relations Officer Chris Akufuna has opened up and disclosed that indeed the just ended 2016 General Election results were manipulated. Mr. Akufuna has disclosed that the Presidential results for Chawama, Mandevu, Chitulika,Kanyama, Munali, matero and some parts of the copperbelt were changed. He says the results recieved by the […]