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Slow Poison of PF Elite State Capture, Inhibited Governance and an Ailing Economy.

Zambia’s political elites in power are slowly and systematically poisoning our democratic process. They are inhibiting the ability of our public institutions to maintain good (impartial, transparent and accountable) governance. They are damaging our economy, robbing us of the prospects to achieve the prosperity and development envisaged in the Vision 2030. I know many people, […]

Christians for Lungu?

What does it mean to be a christian for Lungu? In the Holy Bible there was never Christians for anybody. In the entire holy bible there are no Christians for Peter, not for Paul, note for any apostle or indeed any prophet.   All Christians in the entire world today or ever there  have just […]

FIFA and CAF to investigate message displayed by PF thugs in Nigerian Stadium.

The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) and the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) have launched investigations into the political campaign messages displayed by PF thugs inside the Nigerian stadium yesterday during the World Cup match between Nigeria and Zambia. The political banners were displayed campaigning for dictator Edgar Lungu right inside the stadium in […]