Mwaliteta is innocent, says Court

August 8, 2017 Former Kafue MP under PF but now UPND supporter Obvious Mwaliteta has been freed of politically motivated charges he was facing. Mwaliteta and others have been in jail since last elections due to Edgar Lungu’s brutality and dictatorship . During elections, Mwaliteta and others tried to stop the rigging by confiscating extra […]

It was Zuma who told Lungu to take Obasanjo to jailed HH.

August 7, 2017 South Africa President Jacob Zuma discussed the deteriorating political situation in Zambia with his counterpart in that country and former Nigerian President Olesegun Obasanjo, according to the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). And contrary to lies being peddled by dictator Edgar Lungu’s personal loud speaker Amos Chanda, Obasanjo did not say anything about Hakainde Hichilema […]

Lungu’s parallel narrative of ‘treason’ and ‘lack of recognition’, baffles SA journalists.

There was visible confusion on the faces of South African journalists yesterday, when Lungu interchangeably used the reasons for  UPND’s  President’s incarceration, as being as a result of the offence of treason, while quickly switching to Hakainde’s refusal to recognize his presidency, as the reason for his detention. Most State House watchers regard this shift […]

After blocking the petition, Lungu asks HH to provide proof that his votes were stolen.

August 5, 2017 Like the demagogue that he is, after blocking the presidential petition case through technicalities, dictator Edgar Lungu has now challenged incarcerated UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to provide evidence that his votes in last year’s general elections were stolen. Lungu claimed that he was legitimately elected President of Zambia during last year’s election […]

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